April, 15th 2001












The on-line Sagarana review, is the materialization, even if only virtual, of a new concept of literary review. It has been created expressly for Italian speaking reader/writers, it is intended to be an imaginary window, a kind of huge panel, where the best of literary culture of the past together with an aesthetic project for the present and the future are present.
The reader who is looking for a political line or a monotonous and exclusionary ideology will be disappointed, because, contrary to other literary reviews of the modern “movements” period, which were, or ended up by being, simple instruments in service to a “thesis” - revolutionary or conservative as it may have been -, the Sagarana review takes into consideration specifically literary quality, and the “legibility” of the stories or the passages which it proposes every three-month period. Therefore, it is principally an aesthetic and didactic project which must serve as a reliable parameter for future authors, Italian and non. For this reason, we can find side by side, sometimes in the same issue, considerations on the power of Freud, a story by Bunin on the pathetic amorous relationship and a satirical poem by Gozzano This vast difference in genres, themes, styles and traditions helps, in fact, to explain to new writers the manifold possibilities which the literary universe is able to produce. Each one of these works, in its own way, is perfectly well-made for all that concerns the specific techniques which it has required from its authors and the solutions, and has created a particular poetic art and an absorbing atmosphere.
To all of this we must add the pleasure which derives from reading in such a rich and varied universe, and also the fact that, mastery of technical resources is required from the authors of our times as never before. The hyper-textual references, pastiche and collage, in contemporary novels, the indiscriminate use of the entire patrimony of literary history as raw material for creativity, together with the perception of reality itself, are the means that are ever more used by those who express themselves through the written word and narration. Our review can, therefore, be looked upon as an important resource for the contact and assimilation of this knowledge, a kind of privileged “observation tower” on the literary phenomenon.
Besides this, the sections such as Dicas, the Sagarana Section, the Reader and Hybridisation Section - the latter is dedicated principally to new “foreign” literature in the Italian language- are additional suggestions which, at the same time, enrich and update the general project, by opening a way of “re-alimentation” for our reader/writers, who will become co-authors of the project itself by means of their participation.
In this way, the Sagarana review acquires a transformation trend that will surely be able to “model itself” as the collective sensibility and the spirit of our times take on new and unexpected configurations. This is what we, the directors and editorial staff, have undertaken to carry out, by guiding our publication towards the ultimate mission to which a cultural venture can aspire: to open to change, speed up its arrival and, in the meantime, guarantee the artistic quality of its manifestations.